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Society for the Voiceless is a non-profit organization, registered under the norms of Women, Children and Social Welfare Ministry of Nepal in 2008. With its primary focus for prosperity, progress and overall development of socially marginalized, discriminated and backward socio-demographic groups, SOVO is rapidly involving across Nepal.

Message From Chairperson


Indra Gazmer


Its a great honor to begin with new vision and approach, consisted of real life situation experienced team-members from various fields, are humbly dedicated to foster the life status of badly marginalized, segregated, discriminated, and unable groups. A decade long work of SOVO has hugely benefitted the needy people of 15 different districts, especially people from remote areas of Nepal, those who often being identified as a multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic, multi-cultural one. Despite the richness in diversity - people from 123 different cast speaking 125 different languages, it still holds difference in people’s beliefs, values and norms. The Constitution of Nepal prohibits all kinds of discriminatory behavior in terms of religion, caste, class, ethnicity or gender though, the deeply rooted practice of centuries passed on through generation seems to possess a stronghold in social and cultural practices. Government has been working on its part looks less effective, and the unaddressed problems of those shattered people have become worse than ever.

SOVO has drastically been bridging the gap facilitating the discriminated, shattered, victimized, marginalized people to access the means of living, working available in the country lawfully and to raise voice against all sorts of discriminators, and it favors equal rights & equal opportunities. This organization acknowledges the present bitter truth of Child and Women trafficking which revolves around poverty, loss of parents, lack of awareness, low levels of education, gender discrimination, rapid urbanization, false promises and beliefs and lack of employment opportunities; it focuses to eradicate such problems sooner.

The significant contribution made by around 4500 active volunteers has extended and brightened the organization’s platform further projecting the most welcoming environment for the new comers, who have willingness to work on humanitarian sector out of own means. Such self-driven active volunteers and supporters have given value more importantly, and, there can’t be any mistake if it is said that SOVO has been sustaining and amassing the praise just because of these people.

As per the record since 2008, 900 war-torn families; almost 2500 victims from the gender discrimination, caste discrimination, sexual harassment, labor discrimination & opportunity discrimination; around 3000 deprived from education, law access, fundamental rights, have directly been benefitted in the country through this organization’s bridge – as this organization established itself carrying its’ motto to work as the access and bridge to provide the necessary possible supports from concern stakeholders, authority. Legal framework and other concerned groups have made their presence, to some extent, in this scenario; however, SOVO is with the purposeful move to become an iconic bridge for the implementation, execution and observation for the whole human beings’ well-beings and prosperity of the nation in particular.